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Whole-wheat Gnudi

(The picture will come later… it’s at home and I’m not.)

Basil Gnudi

I stumbled upon this idea a few weeks ago when internet searching for something to make. I call it an “idea” because I’m in no way following the actual recipe and just making my own instead. The Gnudi recipes I have come across require eggs, parmesan, some require submerging the dumplings in semolina for hours, others require other things. But not mine… mine is super simple. Just some ricotta, olive oil, water, and flour. I also added pesto for flavour.

Anyways… first off… whole-wheat flour is just not as yummy as normal flour, but it is healthier, so that’s why I used it. Second of all a really tasty tomato sauce is definitely the way to go with this. I will also explain how I made a more-ish tomato sauce in all of 5 minutes. But first on to the Gnudi (which is a ricotta based gnocchi!)

Basil (Pesto) Gnudi

In a blender cream your ricotta with some: salt, pepper, and paprika, plus a big spoonful of basil pesto. Taste. Is it yummy? Good. If not, season till it is. Then once its all creamy, dump into a bowl, and add a good glug of olive oil (could also do truffle oil… mmm).

Now start adding your (whole-wheat) flour. There is no measurement for this… you’re just trying to make a dough. Which means slowly incorporate the flour until you have a workable dough (i.e. forms into a ball without sticking, or stickiness on the outside). Add a little water as well, if needed. (The dough should be moist but come away cleanly from your hands when you knead it into a ball.)

Once the dough is ready… stick it in the fridge for about half an hour. Afterwards take it out and form your gnudi (gnocchi) anyway you want. I went for “rustic” and just made a long sausage shape and then pulled off bite sized pieces.

Boil until your Gnudi float to the top. Then either top with sauce and eat OR pan fry slightly first to get a little crisp crunch, then top with sauce and eat! ­čÖé

Tomato Sauce

I’ve made all kinds of versions of tomato sauce from the easy peasy to the complex. This one is super quick easy peasy. Take a small sauce pan and dump in some passata or other un-flavoured tomato base. I used Pomi strained tomatoes because it was near to hand. Then roughly chop up some garlic and red chili… add to the slowly simmering ┬átomato sauce. Season with sea salt and pepper and a good sized piece of butter. At the end, add in some chopped fresh basil. Done!

Top your Gnudi with the tomato sauce and some parmesan. Enjoy! x


Home-made Gnocchi with Herb Oil

This is one of my favourite dinners because it is cheap, easy to make, tastes delish and is fresh! Honestly in the amount of time it would take to run to the store and buy rubbery, preservative filled gnocchi or order in you could make these yourself.

The gnocchi

Peel a potato and cut into small pieces. Then chuck into boiling salted water and boil away until the potato is very soft. You need it to be soft as you will pass it through a sieve (or potato ricer if you have one). Once cooked, push the potato through a sieve. Season. The add a bit of water and enough flour to form a dough. The dough should hold together and not stick to a surface. Divide the dough into pieces and roll into an inch thick sausage shape. Then cut into pieces. And you have gnocchi! Easy as that. Can either boil your gnocchi (wait until the gnocchi rise to the top) or pan fry. I pan-fry mine as it gives a really nice texture. Crisp on the outside and pillow soft on the inside. Plus looks prettier and is not sticky.

Herb Oil

In a small blender add chives, lemon juice (only a teeny bit), basil, garlic and good quality olive oil. Pour into a squeezy bottle and done.

Drizzle oil over gnocchi. Plate up! Enjoy x