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Scallion pancakes

So next week my blog turns 1. Unfortunately I’m not at home pretty much all next weekend so no chance to cook something then. I decided instead to do something special now as an early celebration! I spent all day yesterday thinking what to make… the usual suspects came up: cakes, fairy cakes, pasta, etc. Then I thought… Chinese food! Why? Well my parents live in Beijing at the moment and I love Chinese food as well. Also I haven’t really featured much Chinese food on the blog, so I thought it was quite fitting.

I’ve made two of my favorites today: Scallion Pancakes and a version of Wasabi Prawns. I still remember the first time I had Scallion Pancakes – it was in the Philippines and one of my Mom’s friends gave us some pre-made dough to fry at home. Since then I’ve been hooked. But I’ve never made it at home before (pre-made or home-made) so today was the first time and it was super easy! Yummy too.

Ingredients (to make 2 big pancakes)

  • 3 cups all purpose flour (you’ll need extra for dusting)
  • 1.25 cups warm water
  • Big pinch sea salt
  • Spring onions
  • Green chilies
  • Vegetable oil
How to do it!
Sift the flour and salt into a big bowl. Mix it together. Then add in the warm water and use your hands to slowly form the dough. Knead it until a round ball is formed. Let the dough sit about for half an hour or so. It needs a rest after all that kneading!
Once rested, split the dough ball into two roughly equal smaller balls of dough. Flour a large clean surface, because now you’re going to need to roll the balls out. Try to get it as thin as possible (don’t worry if there are a few holes) – the thinner the better because it creates more layers. Needless to say, work with one ball at at time.
Once your dough ball is stretched out as much as possible, generously paint on some veggie oil. I did this by pouring about a tablespoon of oil into hands and spreading all over the dough. Use more if required. Then spread your chopped chilies and green onions (spring onions, scallions, whatever you want to call them) all over the dough. I used about 2 chilies and 2.5 spring onions. I only used the green bits for this.
Now for the fun bits! Rolling the dough. Start with the edge closest to you and roll the dough into a long sausage shape. Pinch the ends together. Then take the sausage and make a snail shape. After which smoosh the snail down and roll the dough back into a circle.
Then fry your pancake in a little oil. About 3-4 mins a side, or until golden. IF the pancake isn’t done yet then place it in the oven for a little while, as you don’t want to burn the pancake in the pan. Once finish slice and eat with a little sprinkle of salt and chili oil OR however you want. Enjoy! x

M & S’s random Asian soup

Nope not Marks & Sparks but mine and my friend’s dinner tonight (I’m S).

So the plan tonight was chilled evening. Laid back… dinner at M’s (we’d cook), trash movie, and catch up. All three accomplished… 🙂 Dinner was soup, movie was Leprechaun (which was so so so bad it was awesome), and catch up was clearly taken care of.

On to soup….

M just got back from Croatia and I just got back from eating 2 brownies and 4 slices of pizza (!!!!) at lunch, so we both wanted healthy vegetable filled food. The decision was soup. Random wander around Waitrose resulted in: udon noodles, tofu, bok choy, ginger, and chilies. We figured we could create from that easy peasy… it was easy peasy! 🙂

Get back to M’s and pour ourselves large glasses of wine (ahem). Now M’s specialty (aside from popcorn) is soup and I (shamefacedly admit) did commandeer the knives and chopping board… so this was a collaborative effort. The following was what happened and according to me, M, and E (who came later) it was DELISH.

M&S’s anything goes soup

Broth ingredients: red chilies, garlic, ginger, veggie stock cube, asian seafood flavouring, star anise, random dried chinese plum, soy sauce, sesame oil, vinegar, and fish sauce

Soup contents: dried noodles, fresh udon, tofu, mushrooms, string beans, bean snaps, baby corn, bok choy, and green onions.

First start with your boiling water, add the ginger, garlic and chilies (to quantities you desire) to the water… let it boil. Then flavour with stock cubes + seafood seasoning, star anise, dried plum and dashes of: soy, sesame oil, vinegar, and fish sauce (to taste).

Once boiling add your dried noodles and mushrooms. At a later stage add the rest… it will cook quickly and season to taste.

We made enough for 3 people having two bowls each and the way M and I described the taste was: complex but balanced. And it was perfectly balanced. Yum.

But it really was an “anything goes” soup… the conversation about making the soup went: “what about this?” “what is it?” “don’t know, smell it.” “mmmmm… could work, put ONE in.” LOL

I apologize for lack of photo but this was totally ad hoc as was this post. But I promised I would blog this “success,” and though it was jokingly, a promise is a promise and I’m still good to type now… I’m busy all day tmw and Saturday, so 3am on Friday morning is my only time to do this. There you go M, if you read this post I blogged our recipe!! hee. xx

edit: quick Google search reveals that the “random dried chinese plum” may actually be jujubes (red dates) but not entirely sure, however, M’s description of them being used for medicinal purposes fits.