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I’m a bad blogger and Burgers (now with photo!)

So… first off why am I a bad blogger? Well because sometimes my own food makes me so hungry I can’t be fussed with taking photos. In fact that’s usually the case! :-s. Blame my demanding taste-buds and time-pressed schedule. But I also know photos really DO make the difference. They show the food, entice emotions (hopefully good ones), and present a much better guide to what the food will be like, than words can. So I apologize, because you’re stuck with just my words!

This weekend I had the pleasure to attend a plate styling session at Tavola, along with other Dubai food bloggers, and WOW the some of the things people can do to make the food look amazing. My favourite tip was brushing the food with some oil to make it look moister, juicier, prettier etc. It also in a small way made me somewhat proud of my non-existent¬†photography abilities and crappy camera because at the end of the day… with me what you see is what you get. Although I certainly respect the skill, dedication, and patience of those who actually do make an effort. ūüôā

However, in order to “show it as it is,” I really ought to you know… take a picture. (I did… finally!)

Last night I made home-made burgers for dinner and they were scrummy. But, I had the AC repairmen over, I had been running around all day, and I hadn’t eaten much, so once those burgers were done… out flew all thoughts of photography, styling, etc and in came the thought: “EAT.” So I did.


Burgers with sauteed mushrooms and emmental. 

Basically I took about 150gr of low-fat mince beef (2 burgers) and mixed it with: a splash of olive oil, chopped onions, minced garlic, smoked sea salt, pepper, tabasco, ancho chilli powder, and chopped green chilies. Mix well.

Then I sauteed my roughly chopped shitake mushrooms in butter and olive oil, with a little sea salt. Once soft I set aside. Now the trick is to cook the mushrooms first, BECAUSE you want the pan nice and hot. Really hot. The reason: Goes back to my new-found love of Shakeshack. Once I’d realized how much I liked Shakeshack and forced myself to not go back there again (or you know at least like only once every 2 months) I had to research why I liked these burgers so much. Apparently a lot of it has to do with their cooking technique, which is a “smash and scrape.”

That is: put the burgers on a hot plate, smash down, let it cook properly, scrape it off the grill, flip, and serve. That’s what I did. My two burgers took about 4 minutes to cook and they were divine. Oozing juice and with a slight chargrilled crust – YUM!

So with my burgers and mushrooms cooked, I slathered on a little mustard into my roll, placed my burger in there and topped with the shitake mushrooms and emmental cheese. Then jumped in. My other burger I ate without bread (to try and be healthier.)

Overall a quick, reasonably healthy, and delish dinner. One I deffo want to eat again, and when I do, I will take a photo. I swear.

Enjoy! x

p.s. I would also like to point out that during the Tavola breakfast I won a totally badass blender. A Bamix hand-blender that costs more than most of my shoes (and I LIKE shoes) and supposedly will change my life(!) I was going to make soup to test out this newly gained kitchen accessory, and thusly have my mind blown. BUT, my tastebuds were telling me to have burgers so never mind. Once I inaugurate my blender will check back in.


Chicken burgers… mmmmm

So today’s lunch is: Asian chicken burgers with avocado cream and home-made fries.


Wash and scrub a big potato. Then top and tail (i.e. cut off both ends to have squared end rather than oval)
Slice potato into fry shapes (I like mine long and medium-y thick). Dump fries into a bowl and squeeze some lemon over. Season with salt, pepper, masala, chili… whatever you feel like, but season well. Then add in some flour and water, enough to have thick, lumpy batter. Just to coat. Now you can either shallow fry or bake your fries. Shallow frying is a lot quicker. So, if frying don’t make ahead of burgers… otherwise fries will go cold whilst you make the burgers.


Get some lean chicken mince and rinse it. Squeeze out the excess water and dump into a bowl. Add a few dashes of sesame oil, grated ginger, garlic, finely sliced chillis and spring onions. Add minced coriander. Season with salt and pepper. Smoked pepper and salt work nicely. Mix it all together. Form patties. Use breadcrumbs to bind. I prefer store-bought super fine bread crumbs – cheap and does the trick! Texture should be: patty forms easily in hands and doesn’t stick but still sticky/moist. ¬†Grill or dry pan-fry in non-stick. Whilst that cooks make the avocado cream. Chicken can be dry so the avocado cream helps keep a nice texture in mouth.

Avocado cream

Add sour cream, salt, pepper, lemon, coriander, spicy sauce, and avocado to a blender. Blend till desired consistency. Can add garlic, paprika, or any other herbs/flavourings you fancy. I used some sansho pepper this time.