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Penne Bolognaise

Now obviously you can use spaghetti or really any pasta you want with the sauce but I said Penne because I want to indicate up front that this is not a traditional bolognaise but rather my version of one. It’s not drastically different but there are a few changes here and there (for what I think is the better…lol). Anyways it tasted SO good and that’s what counts!

What you’ll need:

beef mince (I used low-fat Aussie mince)




fresh tomatoes

tomato puree

veggie stock cube

wow wow mustard (bought at Burough Market… also available from http://www.herbspice.co.uk)

red wine

boiling water

What to do…

I made this recipe for two small dishes or one really large plate.

Chop up a medium sized onion or three-quarters of a large one. Should be a medium chop. Smash up and very roughly chop a large garlic clove. Saute the onion in butter and a little olive oil then add in the garlic. Season a little with sea salt and pepper. Once translucent add in very roughly chopped mushrooms (5-6 large button mushrooms, but reserve some of the mushrooms to add in at a later stage). Cook down a little over a low heat (don’t burn your onions or garlic).

Then add in the beef mince. I used about 170 grams for two. Brown all over. Season the beef and veggie mixture with: paprika, a dash of cinnamon, and a dash of tabasco. Then stir in a heaped teaspoon of wow wow mustard (which is basically chili mustard). Add in your very very roughly chopped tomatoes (1 large tomato) and a big squeeze of tomato puree. Stir. Then pour in some good red wine. Don’t cook with anything you wouldn’t drink. I used a Californian cabernet (as that was what I had opened and was drinking). I just sort of poured for a few seconds – you don’t want to drown the meat and veggies but you also need to give them a good drink. Crumble in a veggie stock cube.

Then pour in boiling water (amount will depend on how long you plan to cook the sauce for). Add in the remaining mushrooms, season with salt and pepper and let it simmer away on a very low heat for as much time as you fancy. I let mine go for 1.5 hours and the result made me pretty damn happy! Finish the sauce with a little additional butter for gloss and taste.

Super simple recipe and when done grate a little parmesan on top of your pasta and bolognaise sauce. Enjoy x


Mustard Steak

Mustard Steak

I was going to make a Thai beef salad with this piece of tenderloin but decided against that and made a steak instead. All I did was marinate the beef, which I cut into roughly 75 gram fillets, in a mustard marinade (which I will describe below) and let it sit at room temperature for about 3 hours. Once marinaded I grilled the steak in a pan, and believe me, it was sooooo soft despite not being rare. Really soft and juicy. But before eating, have to let it rest for about 7 mins or so.

Mustard Marinade

In a bowl put in about a 1.5 teaspoons of English mustard and then about 2 tablespoons of Dijon mustard. I’m giving rough measurements but honestly, I just “blob” in the mustard and it will also depend on how much meat you have. After the mustard, add a little braai seasoning, (a little) rosemary and thyme, pepper, salt, and olive oil. Mix until all is blended together. Then squeeze in a tiny amount of lemon and some tabasco. Finish with finely minced garlic. Taste. Make sure it tastes good to you. Then add in the steak mix so its all covered, and then let sit for a few hours.

The Steak

If using a pan add in some olive oil and butter and sear your steak all around, even the edges. But let it cook first on each side. Then touch your steak and depending on how rare or well-done you want it, it will feel softer or harder.

When it was still rare. I took the steak of the heat for a minute to let the pan cool down a little. Then back on the heat to finish off. Once the steak is cooked the way you want it, and its been rested, slice to eat and enjoy! x

Spicy sesame beef in lettuce cups

Why lettuce cups? Well, because… healthy and no washing up = winner to me! Also, they look sooo pretty!! Even prettier to use a red lettuce.

Spicy Sesame Beef

Get some beef, I bought tenderloin. Now for the FUN part… if you have any stress in your life, douchebag ex or boss etc, this is for you. Stick the chunk of beef into a ziplock bag and bash the hell out of it (or at least until its about a cm thick). Then cut the beef into strips and marinate in a bowl with grated ginger, red chili, toasted sesame seeds, soy sauce, sushi vinegar, and a little lime. Only need to marinate for about 10-15 mins.

Cucumber salad

While the beef marinates, dice cucumbers finely and toss together with coriander, ginger, and lime juice. Season with salt.

Back to the beef…

Stir-fry your steak, I cook for about 3-4 mins. The pan needs to be really hot so that the meat browns quickly and the sauce gets sticky.

Lettuce cups!

Then make your “cups.” Take a lettuce leaf and into the middle spoon in some of the cucumber mixture. Top with the seared beef, and a little more cucumber salad.

Sit back, possibly with a beer or some white tea with ginger, reflect on how “good” you’re being and enjoy! x