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Gruyere and scamorza flat bread pizza

This is another dish I threw together with what was already in the house. (To be fair though, usually when I go grocery shopping, if I see something interesting (like scamorza – smoked mozzarella) I’ll buy it with the intent to figure out what I will make later.)

For lunch I decided to make pizza. As I couldn’t be bothered to make pizza dough, I just used a large flat bread instead. I used a large pita bread… well more accurately a large white flour Lebanese bread that I bought at Waitrose (same one that can be bought EVERYWHERE).

Anyways I made it using: home-made tomato sauce, grated gruyere, scamorza, mushrooms, semi-dried tomatoes, and green olives.


Tomato sauce

Saute some chopped onions and garlic in a little butter. Then add in some chopped fresh tomatoes. Season with salt, pepper, and oregano. Put in a squeeze or two of tomato paste and a splash of red wine. Then pour in a little boiling water and let the sauce reduce until almost all the liquid is gone. Then finish with a little truffle oil.

Building the pizza

Spread a thin layer of the tomato sauce all over the bread. Then spread a thin layer of the grated gruyere all over the pizza. Add sliced mushrooms, sliced olives, and semi-dried tomatoes. Then add small pieces of the scamorza all over the pizza.

Bake in the oven until everything is melty and the base is a little crisp.

Slice up and eat (with a salad).

Enjoy x


Leek, mushroom and gruyere tarts

I had a few pieces of puff pastry squares leftover from before and thought about what I could do with them, with what’s in my fridge. In my fridge, I had some baby leeks, mushrooms, gruyere and olive and tomato chutney. So I decided to make a leek tart.

Another very very easy and quick recipe.

Spray a muffin tin and line your pastry squares into the holes. Place a tiny amount of the tomato and olive chutney on to the pastry square. Then fill 3/4 the way to the top with leek and mushroom mixture (more on that below), and then top with a little gruyere. Bake for about 10 minutes, until pastry is crisp and golden and cheese is melted. Finish with a tiny bit more tomato and olive chutney.


Leek and Mushroom mixture

Cut off the roots of the leeks and clean. Then chop finely – saute in butter with some sea salt over a medium heat. You want the leeks to be translucent. Also finely chop the mushrooms and then add to the leeks (you should have more leeks than mushrooms – roughly a 60:40 split), also add some red chilies. Cook down. Season with pepper and a little rosemary (add more salt, if needed). Taste. If you’re happy remove off the heat and add to the tarts.

Enjoy x

Jalapeno Cheese Balls

These are super easy and quick and perfect for drinks with friends or snacks while watching sports. They’re delish and pop into your mouth releasing spicy, cheesy, crunchy goodness.

In a bowl mix: finely minced onion, chopped jalapenos, chopped coriander. Season with salt, pepper, tabasco, chili powder (I used ancho chili powder), a little olive oil, and a little of the jalapeno juice. Taste to see that you like it.

Then grate some mozzarella and red leicester (or cheddar). Mix the cheese into the jalapeno mixture. Then add in flour. You basically want to form a slightly goopy dough. Add milk as you need to achieve this.

By goopy dough, I mean the mixture should all form together and be able to tear apart and form into balls… but you still want the mixture to be a little sticky / wet.

The pull off and form in your hands little bite size balls and roll in bread crumbs. Shallow fry until golden brown and cooked through. Then drain on some paper towel. Eat with a little fresh salsa.

Fresh Salsa 

In a blender toss in some fresh tomatoes, a little onion, a few jalapenos and green chilies, some coriander, salt, pepper and olive oil. Tomatoes should make up the majority of the mixture. Blend. Taste and season a bit more if you need to.


Apple Crumble

Apple Crumble for 1 (or more). With Steve Jobs’ passing there have been loads of status updates and tweets and comments about Apple and apple images – which inspired a craving for apple crumble!

Super easy peasy recipe and a quick one too – because the mini nature of the crumble.

Get an individual ramekin and set aside. Finely chop a granny apple and season with sugar, lemon, cinnamon and vanilla. Chop enough apple to fill your ramekin(s) three-quarters the way to the top.

To make the crumble rub some room temperature butter with flour and sugar. Quantities will depend on how many you make, but the texture you need is crumbly. Basically the flour, butter, sugar mixture should not be sticky and be like (soft) biscuit crumbs. Fill the rest of the ramekin mixture with the crumbly mixture and bake in the oven until the crumble is browned (but not burnt). Eat with a little ice-cream.

Enjoy x

I’m a bad blogger and Burgers (now with photo!)

So… first off why am I a bad blogger? Well because sometimes my own food makes me so hungry I can’t be fussed with taking photos. In fact that’s usually the case! :-s. Blame my demanding taste-buds and time-pressed schedule. But I also know photos really DO make the difference. They show the food, entice emotions (hopefully good ones), and present a much better guide to what the food will be like, than words can. So I apologize, because you’re stuck with just my words!

This weekend I had the pleasure to attend a plate styling session at Tavola, along with other Dubai food bloggers, and WOW the some of the things people can do to make the food look amazing. My favourite tip was brushing the food with some oil to make it look moister, juicier, prettier etc. It also in a small way made me somewhat proud of my non-existent photography abilities and crappy camera because at the end of the day… with me what you see is what you get. Although I certainly respect the skill, dedication, and patience of those who actually do make an effort. 🙂

However, in order to “show it as it is,” I really ought to you know… take a picture. (I did… finally!)

Last night I made home-made burgers for dinner and they were scrummy. But, I had the AC repairmen over, I had been running around all day, and I hadn’t eaten much, so once those burgers were done… out flew all thoughts of photography, styling, etc and in came the thought: “EAT.” So I did.


Burgers with sauteed mushrooms and emmental. 

Basically I took about 150gr of low-fat mince beef (2 burgers) and mixed it with: a splash of olive oil, chopped onions, minced garlic, smoked sea salt, pepper, tabasco, ancho chilli powder, and chopped green chilies. Mix well.

Then I sauteed my roughly chopped shitake mushrooms in butter and olive oil, with a little sea salt. Once soft I set aside. Now the trick is to cook the mushrooms first, BECAUSE you want the pan nice and hot. Really hot. The reason: Goes back to my new-found love of Shakeshack. Once I’d realized how much I liked Shakeshack and forced myself to not go back there again (or you know at least like only once every 2 months) I had to research why I liked these burgers so much. Apparently a lot of it has to do with their cooking technique, which is a “smash and scrape.”

That is: put the burgers on a hot plate, smash down, let it cook properly, scrape it off the grill, flip, and serve. That’s what I did. My two burgers took about 4 minutes to cook and they were divine. Oozing juice and with a slight chargrilled crust – YUM!

So with my burgers and mushrooms cooked, I slathered on a little mustard into my roll, placed my burger in there and topped with the shitake mushrooms and emmental cheese. Then jumped in. My other burger I ate without bread (to try and be healthier.)

Overall a quick, reasonably healthy, and delish dinner. One I deffo want to eat again, and when I do, I will take a photo. I swear.

Enjoy! x

p.s. I would also like to point out that during the Tavola breakfast I won a totally badass blender. A Bamix hand-blender that costs more than most of my shoes (and I LIKE shoes) and supposedly will change my life(!) I was going to make soup to test out this newly gained kitchen accessory, and thusly have my mind blown. BUT, my tastebuds were telling me to have burgers so never mind. Once I inaugurate my blender will check back in.

Chaat Paneer

So occasionally I get cravings for certain flavours. Last week I went and had Kulchas with another blogger http://www.foodonymph.com/ and what made the Kulchas extra special was the sprinkling of chaat masala on top.

For those who don’t know what chaat masala is, it’s a sweet and sour tasting spice mix, and for me it is one of those quintessential Indian flavours. Just the smell of it reminds me of India. It’s also something I’ll be honest, I never have.

Anyways ever since having those kulchas, I’ve had a craving for chaat masala. Which, I satisfied tonight by making Chaat Paneer which was super quick. As is this post and the accompanying photo! Literally 7 mins after starting the below “process” and I’m now chilling in bed with my paneer and tea. :-p

Chaat Paneer

Take some frozen cubed paneer and dry-fry in a pan (i.e. no oil, or only a reeeeally small amount). Let it cook and then add a little: grated garlic, lemon juice, and salt. When the paneer is cooked through, sprinkle with some chaat masala, stir, remove from heat, and hey presto! Done.

Super quick, super easy, and pretty healthy. I do only recommend a small portion, or at least only a small amount of chaat, because the flavour is potent and it does stay with you (in my case for just under a week!! lol).

Enjoy x

Chocolate Cheesecake for one

Chocolate Cheesecake

This is the easiest cheesecake recipe ever and super quick too. To make it individual just grab some ramekins and parcel accordingly or make one big cake.

The base

To make the base crumble up digestive biscuits into the bottom of the ramekin and mix in a little honey (the honey substitutes for butter). Press the cookie crumbs all together until you have a firm base that sticks together thanks to the honey. Sprinkle a little sugar, vanilla, and cinnamon onto the the top.

The cheesecake part

Whip up some whipping cream and then grate in some milk chocolate and white chocolate. Feel free to leave a few small chunks as well as a pleasant surprise. Add a little more cinnamon and vanilla, and then mix in enough icing sugar to sweeten to your taste. Finally stir in some light cream cheese (again to your taste). Spoon into the ramekin on top of the biscuit base and let it sit in the fridge for an hour or more until set.

Decorate with chocolate flakes, more whipped cream, or in my case almond flakes. Enjoy x

p.s. feel free to add some Baileys to this as well!