I thought since it’s now been one year… that I should revamp this a little.

First and foremost, what is this blog about: It’s about food. More specifically its where I write down the recipes of food I make (with a few restaurant “reviews” and random thoughts thrown in for good (…?) measure).

The kind of food I make tends to be simple, easy and tasty. I’m a busy single girl, and between work, friends, and sports I don’t have a lot of time to cook and a lot less time to be worrying about cleaning up. BUT, I love food and I like to eat tasty and inventive meals that encompass a range of flavours from different cuisines around the world so I make sure to keep cooking fun (and fun to make) dishes that cater for a time-pressed schedule. Though sometimes I do take the time to make more complex meals!

My Recipe Directory shows a little bit more about the food I make… there *might* be a carb overload! :-p

A little about me…

I am a (currently) 27 year old girl who likes food, travel, sports, pretty bags and shoes! :-p I’m Indian via Africa, North America, South-East Asia, the Middle East and Europe. (I’m fully Indian – but my family moved around A LOT! not for nefarious purposes though!) and currently live in Dubai. Update: I no longer live in Dubai and am now an MBA candidate at the Richard Ivey School of Business.

I’ve been an avid foodie since I was 12. Everyone in my family can cook and most of my earliest memories involve a kitchen. As a baby I had a “blankie” I also had a baguette and bottle of milk… and these three things would come with me pretty much everywhere. I’ve since ditched the blankie and bottle and try to stay away from eating a baguette every day…. but the comfort of having food around me still exists.

As mentioned, I’ve been very lucky in that I’ve traveled quite a bit – I’ve lived in seven countries and travelled to over 30 countries (not anywhere near enough! Have sooo many more places I plan to visit). I’ve also been lucky as my Mom is a really good cook who despite our Indian roots made sure that we also experienced foods from around the world. 4 nights a week we had Indian food and the other 3 were from anywhere and everywhere. This sense of “internationality” is a defining trait for me and influences my cooking style because I do love mixing foods and styles of different origins together.

Anyways… I’m basically a global nomad who puts my knowledge of different cuisines and tastes, to what I think / hopes, is good use.

Kooksfood is my diary / recipe book / blog about the food that I make and the recipes I concoct and love.



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