Eating on the (very) cheap and an apology

First of all… apologies for my laziness. No other excuse, I have been super busy with work and preparing for moving to Canada and though I do have time, cooking and blogging about it was not how I have wanted to spend my free moments! eeeks.

But I’m back. Sort of. Uber quick post and no pics because the food… it ain’t pretty but it is cheap. Dirt cheap, in fact, it cost me nothing. No… some romantic young(ish) thing didn’t come swooping in and make me a deluxe gourmet dinner at his own cost, although… line starts here?! lol

No rather than some tv trope or kind friend… I was pragmatic. This is a rare occurrence so it should be celebrated. lol

Perhaps I should explain my psycho babble a bit. Here’s the thing. I’m leaving Dubai and moving to Canada next month. For my MBA. Which means I need to be sensible with my pennies, it also means I’ve gone from going out once a week to 5 times a week. No joke. As such, the poverty fairy, is striking. Gasp. Or at least I need to be sensible and save my dough for what really counts… drinking with friends. :-p

As such, how proud am I that tonight’s dinner cost me nothing at all and actually helped me get rid of more pantry item?! Very. Anyways… moving on: what did I make tonight? Well, the world’s weirdest bolognaise, but hey it was free and I have 4 less things to worry about throwing away in 3 weeks time.

Basically, I have beef kebabs in my freezer. Rather than buying mince, I decided to grill those and then chop them up. The “bolognaise” was made by using up a tin of cherry tomatos, a tin of mushrooms, and a few sundried tomatos in a jar.

First, I grilled my kebabs in a pan. Then when nice and brown and soft, I dumped in the cherry tomatos, a splash of red wine and water, the mushrooms and some chopped garlic and chilies. I then added a veggie stock cube and let it all simmer together. I removed the kebabs chopped them up and then added back into the sauce. Super simple, tasty (seasoned with paprika, salt, and pepper), and FREE!

Obviously the cost part depends on what’s in your kitchen, but a really easy dish thrown together with stuff in the house, in like 15 minutes. Less than luxe but still delicious food on a student budget… :-p


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