Quick update on my Christmas menu

Well… first things first… I tend to overcook. The Christmas menu I had outlined earlier (and I will get to the recipes) even when portioned down was still A LOT of food. So this is how we managed to eat it all:


– Smoked salmon (8 pieces – all gobbled down)

– Scallop, chorizo, and halloumi skewers (6 pieces – all gobbled down)

– Chocolate and alcohol = no room for my chipolatas.

But the good thing is sausages keep and are also very very good as cold sausage sandwiches, which means:


– Honey, chilli, and soy marinated chipolata sandwiches with crusty French bread and mustard. YUM

– Cheeses for lunch

– Friday night: 12 am Christmas Eve chocolate chip pancakes (1 small one)

Saturday lunch

– Roasted mushroom pasta

p.s. also note: I was too busy having fun and eating to take photos  – I did remember towards the end and snapped 1 photo of an almost decimated plate of starters but… eh…. that’s the point of food – to be eaten! 🙂


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