Christmas menu for two!

So, this year a lot of my friends are travelling for Christmas. I’d LOVE to be in London for Christmas, but as this is my last Christmas (and my last couple of months) in Dubai, I didn’t want to travel. As a result of a lot of friends being out of the country, myself and M, decided to spend Christmas together – drinking champagne and watching cheesy Christmas movies.

However, just because alcohol and movies are the first priority, doesn’t mean the food isn’t important too!

Cooking Christmas food for two people is tough, because typically everything for Christmas is meant to be consumed by many many people. But I’ve managed to come up with an a-typical but with touches of tradition menu for 2. To be consumed over a 24 hour period. Note: X-mas is actually Sunday and I’ll be working. M is working Saturday(!) so the celebrations start Thursday evening and end Friday afternoon.

Thursday night (appetizers):

– Scallop, chorizo, and halloumi skewers

– Honey and mustard roasted chipolatas

– Smoked salmon blinis (or melba toast) with creme fraiche.

– Cheese tray + crackers and tomato chutney

– Champagne

– Candy cane cocktails

Friday morning (breakfast): 

– Chocolate chip pancakes

– Strawberries

Friday afternoon (lunch)

– Garlic butter roasted mushrooms with Linguine

I’ll do posts for the recipes after X-mas, but in the mean time if anyone wants ideas. This is my plan for Xmas for 2!


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