Underestimating jelly… never again!

Thanks to the lovely Foodiva I was able to go to Hukama restaurant this evening. Through her awesome site I won a 3 course dinner for two and together with my friend M we put that to GREAT use. The order went like this:

Spicy XO scallop dimsum

Wasabi prawns

Chinese 3 treasure seafood

Fried prawns with oats and chili

Honey baked cod

Spicy chocolate fondant

(2 glasses of wine)

The reason why this post is titled “underestimating jelly… never again” is because the 3 treasure appetiser and chocolate fondant both featured jelly in interesting ways… and here I thought it was only meant for vodka. I’ve been missing out! :-p lol

The 3 treasure dish (great call on the order M) featured calamari, fish rolls, and longan jelly with prawns. The longan jelly was really cool but what made it stand out was the savoury chive herb mixture that coated the bottom of the jelly. The combination of the herb mixture (grass like) and jelly was both interesting and tasty. I loved the texture contrasts. Off-topic from the jelly: the calamari was great – really soft and the batter was light. Lovely. The fish rolls were also really good. So glad this was M’s order for the appetizer. My order was the Wasabi Prawns – they were divine too, and the prawns were really generously sized. I’d happily order both again.

For our mains we had the Prawns with oats and chili and the Honey baked cod. The Cod was great and the piece of fish was huge. It’s nice to see a “fancier” restaurant being generous with portions. Both were yummy.

For our third course I got dimsum (though it came first) and M got the Spiced chocolate fondant. Thank the Food Gods that M ordered dessert because OMG that was sooooooooooooooooooo good. Really really really good. And again they went somewhere cool with jelly. The spiced fondant comprised:

Chocolate fondant

Ice cream with crushed nuts and a tuille biscuit

Strawberries, Raspberries AND AND (because this was exciting (to me)) a frozen strawberry jelly. The texture was granita like (ice flakes) along the surface and jelly like inside. Very cool plus really tasty.

The whole fondant dish was amazing, M and I were very happy girls with our dessert.

Over all I had a great experience at Hukama. The jelly tricks gave me some ideas and the food was very tasty. I would happily go again.

I’m also going to give a quick recommendation for Elia restaurant where I went on Thursday with my friend D. The two of us pretty much ate our combined weight in food and I would happily do it again. Their food was excellent and the location also added to the experience. They’ve basically made a restaurant in the middle of an outdoor terrace garden in Bur Dubai – I loved it as it was something a little different. Honestly speaking, it’s 2 nights later and I am still in love with their aubergine dip, leek pies, and lamb. Anyone who likes Greek food should definitely give them a try.

p.s. If M sends me the pics from her iPhone then I will update with images.


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