More food musings (because apparently I have no time to cook?!)

Well, it was a super busy weekend… I basically was not home for a single meal (other than breakfast) and so no time for me to make anything. Which is a shame because I really want to try the basil gnudi recipe. Soon.

In the mean time, a few thoughts on what I did eat:



Roasted fennel and blood orange salad, pasta with cajun prawns and a butter sauce (i.e. just a load of butter, corn, and lime juice), and apple pie: all delish and not cooked by me but friends… perfect! hee.


Went to Caramel (at the DIFC) with friends. Caramel is definitely a favourite in Dubai, its such a great place to catch up with friends over a few drinks and food. I LOVE their petite plates. My favourites have to be: TNT Shrimp, Lobster and Mango Tacos, and the Mac n Cheese. (Although their Black Cod is also a really nice option – healthy and yummy). Plus my favourite thing about Caramel: their Margaritas which are hands down the best I’ve tasted in Dubai so far. Not the best I’ve ever tasted, that honour goes to Naughty Nuri’s in Bali and my Sister’s / Dad’s (theirs are pretty good too), but really good anyways…. very happily sat there from 7:30 till 9:30 drinking my margaritas, eating my food and chatting with my friends. We then moved on to Zuma (another food and drink favourite).



Ping Pong: another favorite. Usually I hit up Ping Pong after a leisurely morning spent purchasing and browsing books at Kinokuniya. I then take said books and eat dim sum and drink tea while reading one of my new purchases. This time I went with the same friends from the night before at Caramel (D and M) and had a dim sum feast… yum!


FINALLY tried Shake Shack and boy was it good. I’ve been meaning to try this place ever since I read a few reviews on my fellow blogger’s sites but till now never really found my way over to MOE. The wait is now over and honestly… I will be heading over there soon again. The burger was divine, the cheese fries I wouldn’t have again, but the burger… soooooo soft. The bun was like baby butt cheek soft (though I do promise I have never tasted a baby butt cheek).ย As I ate into the burger I was aware there was bread and yet my mouth barely registered it as it all melted away leaving the whole eperience feeling so light. The burger too was great, tasty, juicy, and it also melted away. Like you know you had a bite of a burger and that it was a good burger, and yet it was gone so quickly (again due to lightness and non-chewiness of it all) which I know sounds bad, but it was great. Also, their veggies are nice and fresh (crisp) – which is important. Plus, theirย burgers are on the smaller size, which for me, was perfect. Its a little expensive, but still mid-priced, and thus move over GBK… I’ve found a new favourite burger joint in Dubai.

Another thing I really liked about Shake Shack: they have mustard and chili sauce available in their condiments section. Such a small thing, but a really nice touch.


5 responses to “More food musings (because apparently I have no time to cook?!)

  • I Live in a Frying Pan

    Love how you’ve described the Shake Shack bun, couldn’t have said it better! you know it’s a potato bun? that’s why it’s such a softie ๐Ÿ™‚

    Have to try Ping Pong, buying a book and then reading it over dim sum sounds like totally my thing, maybe I’ll make it happen this weekend. Thanks for sharing!

    • kooksfood

      I read that in your review! Amazing what a difference it makes… the whole burger basically dissolved in my mouth… bliss! ๐Ÿ™‚

      Ping Pong and a good book = my perfect relaxing wknd lunch (only thing stopping it from being heaven is that Ping Pong’s seats aren’t very comfortable… if it was a squishy slouchy booth, I’d never leave! lol)

  • Didi Paterno

    we ate at shake shack last night. I want to reserve my comments for a post. but the frozen custard was really fit to cure any sadness in anybody’s heart. That’s all that I can say ๐Ÿ™‚

    • kooksfood

      I didn’t have the milkshakes or custard (though I wish they would just call it what is is, ice-cream) but my friends did and they seemed happy.

      The burgers on the other hand: I want more now! AND I want to try the ‘shroom burger! I wonder if I could eat a Shack Stack….?! hmm…?

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