Birthday musings….

First and foremost… I will be getting back to blogging about food soon. In fact possibly tonight (or at least this weekend)… I already have a recipe in mind. I’m going to try and make Basil Gnudi (which is like Gnocchi but instead of potato its a ricotta based dumpling… yum) which I want to try and serve with a tartufata (truffle salsa – purchased, not home-made!)

But anyways… as of yesterday I am 27. Age doesn’t really freak me out as I still feel 24 (or alternately 40)… but we’ll see how I feel when I hit 30 (but pretty sure that won’t bother me either). For my 27th B-day… I did a few “foodie” things:

  • Breakfast at Carluccios (Friday)
  • Dinner at Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse (Friday)
  • Breakfast at the Monarch Hotel (Saturday)
  • Dinner at West 14 (Monday – the bday)
I have to thank Sally Prosser ( again for the Atlantis Safari as I am now converted to Ribeye steak. SO flavourful… to think all these years I’ve missed out because I was “scared” about the sizes of steak Ribeye comes in and thus always stuck to a “lady-like” 180grm fillet. Never Rarely again!
I had a 180grm fillet at Ruth’s Chris (lol)… and it was really lovely and tender…the melting butter on top was aaamaziing. Who needs sauce? Not me. Just a large pat of butter. BUT my 300grm Ribeye at West 14th beat it hands down. The steak was flavourful, the fat was salty and melty, and my onion rings (ordered off-menu) were proper onion rings. I could actually taste the onion. Divine. The hollandaise sauce I ordered also was a perfect complement, but the meat didn’t really need it.
I am also now a converted carpaccio fan. Both Seafire and West 14th had great carpaccios. At West 14th mine was very nicely helped down with glasses of champagne and really…. for me: champagne, carpaccio, red wine, steak, and then dessert… what a lovely way to celebrate a bday!! 🙂
RE. Bday Pressies:  fingers crossed I am getting that camera! Will see in August… but when my Mom(my) asked what I wanted for my bday and I said Dad’s camera… she said okay! I don’t know what he thinks about it though! hee. Best bday present though was that my Dad and Mom are coming to Barcelona with me (although reeeally Barcelona is not a city to be done with parents.. but still!! lol) – I can’t wait to go watch Real Madrid (my team) play Barcelona (our eternal rivals) with my Dad – the man who introduced me to football! 🙂

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