Restaurant reviewing and my c**ppy camera…

As evidenced by my last 4(!) posts, I did my first “official” restaurant reviews ever. Official in quotes because: one… it’s just for my blog, and two… I don’t particularly know how proper they were! lol. Also because unofficially, I have been moaning, ranting, and raving about restaurants my whole life! I’m a bit of a weirdo that way… any city I go to I NEED to know the restaurant scene, the places for the best food, and the places to be. Perhaps not so much a weirdo as a foodie. I’m sure many of my fellow-foodies have the same impulses… It’s good not to be alone in this! :-p lol

However, the reviewing, it was fun! Maybe not as much fun as cooking… but it was fun and I surprised myself with how much I enjoyed it. Although to be fair to anyone who read my reviews… they were freestyle… there wasn’t much “thought” or “structure” put into it. BUT I’m not exactly going to spend a lazy Saturday afternoon worrying if points are MECE (ick) or not and whether I have appropriately structured my arguments… after all… I wasn’t trying to convince anyone of anything, simply putting my thoughts down.

Anyways, yup, I enjoyed it! I might even start posting a few more thoughts on restaurants a long the way…. but this will still remain primarily an outlet for my recipes… mainly because (I think / hope) I’m better at cooking 🙂

As regards my camera… having joined a lovely group for food bloggers in the UAE… and having met some of the other bloggers (all very lovely by the way! or so it seems… hee) I’ve come down with a serious serious case of camera envy. Truly it’s reaching down into the very depths of my soul (or at least making me consider reaching into the wallet to buy a new camera). And why? I mean I’m no photo vixen… I barely ever go beyond playing with shutter speed, focus, and flash, and on my point and shoot, I don’t even do that.

My camera is perfectly capable of the very very quick photos I take of the food I make (heh that rhymed!). It also fits very nicely into small handbags for “fun” photos of night’s out… it’s light….it’s… it’s just no longer any good. Sigh… what to do?!

Because really I’m never going to be anywhere near semi-pro skills level (or really even accomplished amateur). I’m also the type of person who prioritizes spending on pretty shoes (sooo pretty… well until they break and then you have to take them to the shop in Dubai mall to be fixed. This happened. Today. Not pleased.) over well just about anything! oooppps! So what this post is about is two-fold… first, trying to work through my envy demons to accept that given my complete lack of skill I really don’t need a great camera as yet… and two, also if my Mom is reading… does Dad want to “lend” me his camera?! I’ll give it back I promise… someday. 😀


2 responses to “Restaurant reviewing and my c**ppy camera…

  • I Live in a Frying Pan

    hahahahaha….this post cracked me up!! I can’t believe that someone used MECE in their post – three cheers!!

    Phone food photography can actually be pretty cool to I hear…not blackberry, but Iphone supposedly has a food photo app.

    Anyhoo, hope your shoes get fixed and your dad lends you his camera! 🙂

    • kooksfood

      ahhh MECE the bane of my existence!

      The point came up because at work I realized just *how* unstructured my blog posts were and thought to myself: “should i make more effort? Should I be structuring things and trying to make concise points?” And then I thought…. nah! lol

      Wish me luck… I have till August (when I visit my Dad) to convince him that his dear daughter in Dubai definitely (can you tell I *heart* alliteration?!) needs his camera. :-p

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