Atlantis Reviewed (part 4: Ronda Locatelli)

The very final restaurant. Now pizza really is my thing… I mean GOD I love pizza. I’ve also spent quite a bit of time (calories and money) sampling the different pizza offerings in Dubai… which don’t always impress.

For me the no. 1 pizza place in Dubai is 800-pizza. I also love Bussola. So where does Ronda Locatelli stand? Well, confession, one I am a fan of Giorgio Locatelli and two, I did go back this Friday and have lunch at Ronda Locatelli so I can judge based on actual restaurant experience, food, and bill.

I guess the first thing is that Ronda Locatelli impressed enough for me to want to go back (or that could just be my pizza obsession talking).

My favourite part of the pizza was the crust. It was crunchy and yet soft (fluffy despite being a thin crust). There was the right amount of oil in the dough that the taste and texture was just scrumptious. So much so that when I went back on Friday, I actually ate the crust of one of the pizza slices I left because I was too full to finish. It was so good I preferred it over the actual pizza and toppings.

The toppings were expected and on par with 800-pizza, Urbano, Bussola, etc. As expected (and possibly even a little lacking given this is a Locatelli restaurant, and thus I would expect it to blow the socks off the competitors. But rather it’s on par.)

The sauce again was really nice. Very fresh. I could really taste the acidity of the tomatoes. Now my friend on Friday wasn’t as much of a fan because of the acidity / tanginess… but I loved it because I love when you can taste the ingredients, especially when they are good. I really did enjoy the sauce.

Of the three pizzas I tasted… I liked them all. They were really good. We tried: a pepperoni pizza, a bufala pizza (raw cherry tomatoes and raw buffalo mozzarella) and a melty buffalo mozzarella pizza. The desserts were also nice.

The restaurant itself was warm and inviting. On Friday we went to lunch with a little devil… erm I mean five year old (actually he’s not that bad!) and they had placemats he could draw on which was nice. It’s great that he was catered for. Also the open pizza kitchen, with a chef twirling his “pies” is pretty cool to watch. The spectacle also inspired our little guest to decide he wants to be a cook (at least for 5 minutes!).

Over all, Ronda Locatelli on first try impressed me enough to go back again. The pizza crust may just be the best one in Dubai (for me at least) and the sauce is super fresh tasting. It’s definitely a nice place to head to for pizza. They have other non-pizza items on the menu but since I didn’t try, I can’t comment. Overall, I’ve already been back once and I would probably go again if the need for a nice pizza place comes up!


2 responses to “Atlantis Reviewed (part 4: Ronda Locatelli)

  • I Live in a Frying Pan

    I feel really lame, I haven’t even tried 800-pizza because they don’t deliver to my hood. That’s no excuse for a foodie I know, I should just get around to doing it. First that, then the one at Ronda Locatelli. I’m also the kind of person who loves acidic fresh tasting tomato sauces, so just have to drag myself out at some point and do a tasting.

    There, confession of pizza ignorance in the city done.

    • kooksfood

      Maybe a “safari” of all the top pizza places in Dubai?!

      800-pizza is definitely worth the drive down to Marina (or Barsha). Happy to be a pizza partner in crime! lol

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