Atlantis Reviewed (part 3: Rostang)

Gotta say was not a major fan of Rostang. Now I’m probably being a little unfair to them because: 1. the sommelier (or maybe restaurant manager) gave me a seriously dirty look (lol) because I wasn’t particularly graceful picking up at my cheese (Tete de Moine), which by the way was suuuuper yummy. Ah well.And, the second reason: because I didn’t actually get to try much “food.”

Anyways: Rostang had laid out a lovely spread… lots of mini desserts, french onion soup, oysters, and a cheese board + wine.

I had the French Onion Soup and while it was a little sweet for me, it was authentic, and more impressively not “greasy” which a lot of French Onion Soups can be. Definitely gets points for authenticity of taste. The Oysters had a major scrum going so I avoided mainly because I know what good oysters taste like. Oysters have everything to do with quality of ingredient (rather than cooking), now the accompaniments do take skill… skill to balance flavours and skill to complement the oysters. From what I heard everyone who did have the oysters seemed pretty happy. The cheese board was nice but again that is about ingredients not kitchen skill (which I am sure is really high… but how am I to judge?! lol)

On to the desserts… I had two: the chocolate mousse and a blackberry something or the other (above)…. these two were llllluuuuuuvveeelyyy. Especially together. To the patissier: yum! Lovely display of different cakes… and again from the noises other people were making… they were all good.

Overall what I can say is they clearly have beautiful ingredients and very nice (plus beautiful) cakes. For a night of wine and cheese it would be nice, but being 26 (at least for a few more weeks!) I have to admit this isn’t a restaurant  I would go to myself. Maybe for a pastry breakfast… because their breads looked amazing. I’d also probably go back for cake…


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