Atlantis Reviewed (part 2: The Burger Joint)

The Burger Joint was the next place we visited and it couldn’t have been more different. We went from “fancy steakhouse” to super-casual diner. The place itself was small and cosy and the menu (left) was also pretty limited. Which I like. I love restaurants (diners?) that focus on a small menu and doing a few things right.

Atlantis being the sort-of all encompassing family resort that it is… it makes sense that you mix the uber-posh (Nobu and Ossiano — sadly did not get to visit 😦 ) and the more chilled… after all after a day of lazily lounging in my raft at Aquaventure I’m hardly going to want to get dressed up and eat somewhere nice. I’m guessing this is what that is for… the legions of families with little kids and visitors who have just visited Aquaventure, The Lost Chambers, or the dolphin park. And as a burger joint it’s good enough. I’ve recently had the good fortune of eating a few different burgers (mmmm) and the very best I had recently was at the Dubai Desert Palm hotel. Okay so it was a grownup and posh burger but it was also really really good. Of the kind of burgers that don’t cost 100 dirhams… I usually eat at GBK (which is lovely) and I recently tried Burger Fuel (also lovely). I’d like to try Shake Shack… but that’s not the point of this review: the point is… The Burger Joint is perfectly serviceable but not exactly memorable. Which is fine… it doesn’t have to be.

Due to the “scrum” of people and the very very small space… I have to admit I was a bit slack and only tried one burger. It was nice. The sauce was “tangy” and I think that is the grand sum of my experience. It was nice. I wouldn’t necessarily “kick it of bed” but I probably wouldn’t go out of my way for it either. The fries, which I think were triple-fried (or at least double) were also okay. There was a definite taste of oil over potato and I’d have liked more seasoning (i.e. salt — but I am also a salt fiend so maybe for others it was seasoned well). I’d pass on the fries but that is just me… other people in the group seemed to like them.

The one thing I did really enjoy about The Burger Joint was the tiled wall which people were invited to write on. I did. It was fun. lol. The decor was definitely cute. The Burgers were nice and the fries were ok. Of the two sips I had of a chocolate milkshake… that was lovely not too sweet and deliciously cold.

I think like I said above… as a restaurant catering to the various visitors that Atlantis receives it does well. Little kids will like it, bigger kids “tired” after a “hard day” of lying out in the sun will like it… because it is a nice burger but I wasn’t blown away by any means.



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