A break from the norm: Atlantis Reviewed (part 1: Seafire)

So usually when I blog it’s to post my own recipes BUT today (and only over a week later) I’m changing it up with a review of four different restaurants at Atlantis. Why? Well, because I was lucky enough to go on a safari (thanks Atlantis and Sally Prosser) of the following four restaurants:


The Burger Joint


Ronda Locatelli

Anyways… on to the reviews (my first ever! :-))

 Seafire was the first restaurant we visited and I have to say, for me, it was one of the more impressive restaurants and experiences. Putting it first raised expectations and I’m not sure that I wouldn’t have left it for the last. But anyways. At Seafire, I got to taste the following: beef tartare, beef carpaccio, JD marinated short ribs, and three types of steak: ribeye, striploin, and fillet.

The tartare for me was too big. I had to eat it in two bites and because the quail’s egg was poached very cleverly at a low temperature for quite some time… the shape looked cooked but it was indeed very very runny which means I ended up literally with yolk all over my face. I think if it had been a little smaller I would have enjoyed it more, but given I’m not a huge fan of raw beef or egg yolk, it was better than expected.

The beef carpaccio on the other hand… I really liked. I think the crouton was a little too overpowering but the “crunch” was a really nice contrast in my mouth to the silkiness of the beef. Again, I wish the crouton had been smaller so that the beef and herbs were able to come across a bit more. It was yummy though and I could easily easily have had another one. Which again, not being the biggest fan of raw beef is an indication of both the quality of the beef and the accompanying taste.

The ribs… okay these were amazing. The softest, most tender ribs I have had in Dubai bar none. Really truly melty. I can’t really say anymore other than I would happily have had more and more.

The steaks. This is what Seafire is about, after all it IS a steakhouse, and they did not fail to impress either. Atlantis goes through a lot of effort to source very high quality beef. Their chefs and manager did explain the full process but I was too busy taking photos and eating the food to pay much attention. However, whatever they are doing, is working because each different cut tasted unique and tasted goooooood. The rib-eye was my favourite. Perfectly cooked, with a very flavorful “crust” and no need for any marinading at all due to the quality of the beef. The striploin had melty and salty fat, which was nice but it was my least favourite, and the fillet was really tender. I like the clear amount of respect they were showing the meat and I liked how I could taste the differences in each cut. The rib-eye was really really good and overall I would say Seafire would be a really nice place to go and have a steak. Especially because the atmosphere and interior of the restaurant are also really pretty. Very soft and romantic, but still with an edge. My favourites design wise have to be the: wine cellar, the “open” kitchen where you can see the chefs at work and the flames running up to the ceiling, and the huge random tree  stump they have in their lobby! lol.

The few dishes I tried at Seafire were enough to make me think I’d like to go again.. which I guess means in restaurant reviewer terms that I really enjoyed it!


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