To dine alone?

So I’ve been thinking about this more and more… going out for dinner is very clearly a social thing. It’s the company, atmosphere, food and beverage that “make” the evening. BUT what happens if sometimes all you want is the food? The company would be nice but every once in a while cravings happen and they aren’t in tune with your friend’s social calendars. Then what?!

Take-away is the obvious solution… but I can make most things I crave. It’s the super-fancy complicated things that require a visit to a restaurant that make me wonder… what’s the big deal about eating alone?

I love going to the movies alone… it allows me to immerse myself in the movie without worrying about whether the other person is enjoying the film, and it allows me focus solely on the screen. Doesn’t good food deserve the same treatment? Focus and attention? I think so.

Would it really be so bad to bring a book to a restaurant, order a nice meal, and enjoy the experience?

I’m not sure I’m socially contradictory enough (or brave enough!) to attempt dinner on my own in a nice restaurant. Although it would be nice if we lived in a world where dinner wasn’t a social pressure. But maybe lunch. Lunch I can manage. Next time I have a craving and my friends aren’t available short notice (which as I get older is more and more frequent – I miss the days of University and flexible schedules, if not the lack of cash) I’m going to do it. Rather than curse my demanding tummy and friend’s lack of availability! lol.



2 responses to “To dine alone?

  • inafryingpan

    I’ve actually done this quite often. Sometimes just need quiet thinking time, or REALLY want to focus on the food, or it’s a last minute spontaneous decision to try a place, and no one’s around to join. While you miss out on the social component, there’s something really refreshing about being almost detached…watching everyone else in the restaurant, reflecting on everything you’re seeing and tasting. I don’t think I’ve ever tried it in an upscale place…but I don’t see why not. May be good to start at a low-key place and then work your way up 🙂

    • kooksfood

      Nah… if I’m going to do it. Will go all in!! lol.

      Eating lunch on my own in a casual restaurant or cafe is definitely not an issue… it’s more a long the lines of, if I’m in a hotel (business or non-business related for whatever reason) I’m happy to eat on my own in their restaurants because I’m traveling… so why does it seem so strange to do the same, just because I’m in the city I live in? Which to date, it does seem odd (to me). Ah well, no longer! 🙂

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