Pan-fried Feta and Skordalia

In the mood for some Greek food tonight. No idea why… but who am I to ignore my tummy’s cravings!

So tonight it’s some pan-fried (ahem shallow fried) feta and skordalia. I first had skordalia 3 years ago at Taste Festival… it was a beetroot skordalia with battered fish and it was dreamy… what can I say? Give me copious amounts of oil, garlic, lemon and chili and I am yours!

Anyways… on to the recipes.


Peel and cube a potato and then chuck it into salted water along with 6 garlic cloves. Bring to the boil and let sit until the potato is cooked. Then chuck the potatoes and garlic into a blender along with 2 more (raw) garlic cloves, 2 chilies, salt, and a glug of olive oil. Blend. Then add in some olive oil, lemon juice and vinegar. Blend. Add more oil until you get the desired consistency. Season with salt, pepper, and lemon juice until happy with the taste. Set aside.

Pan-fried Feta

Cut some feta into large pieces and dip in ice-cold water. Then dip coat the feta pieces with seasoned flour (salt, pepper and paprika) and shallow fry in canola or olive oil.

Add a lemon and some coriander and good to go! There’s a lot of oil going on in this dish so a little goes a looooooong way!

Enjoy x


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