Chocolate Cheesecake for one

Chocolate Cheesecake

This is the easiest cheesecake recipe ever and super quick too. To make it individual just grab some ramekins and parcel accordingly or make one big cake.

The base

To make the base crumble up digestive biscuits into the bottom of the ramekin and mix in a little honey (the honey substitutes for butter). Press the cookie crumbs all together until you have a firm base that sticks together thanks to the honey. Sprinkle a little sugar, vanilla, and cinnamon onto the the top.

The cheesecake part

Whip up some whipping cream and then grate in some milk chocolate and white chocolate. Feel free to leave a few small chunks as well as a pleasant surprise. Add a little more cinnamon and vanilla, and then mix in enough icing sugar to sweeten to your taste. Finally stir in some light cream cheese (again to your taste). Spoon into the ramekin on top of the biscuit base and let it sit in the fridge for an hour or more until set.

Decorate with chocolate flakes, more whipped cream, or in my case almond flakes. Enjoy x

p.s. feel free to add some Baileys to this as well!


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