Leek and Mushroom Strudel

I’m in Dubai this Christmas and thinking about a dinner party for the few (of my friends) that are also staying in town. This recipe is a bit of dry run to work out some of my thoughts for what to make. I’m thinking of this as a starter with a red wine glaze. However, the recipe works pretty much for any occasion! Great for a brunch or lunch. Maybe with a glass of something sparkly?! ;-p

Leek and Mushroom Strudel

the mushrooms…

First roughly chop your mushrooms (I used button and brown mushrooms) toss into the pan with butter and some finely chopped red chilli and smashed garlic. Cook it off and toss in some herbs and seasoning (I used chives, rosemary, a little lemon peel,  salt and pepper). Then once cooked (and this is important) drain. It’s important to drain because you don’t want the filling to be soggy.

the leeks…

Clean (thoroughly) the leek. I put one slit all the way through the leek so that I check for dirt as I chop. Once washed chop finely. Easiest way to do this is to cut semi-large pieces of the leeks and dump them into a food processor. Let the machine do all the work! Saute in a pan with salt, pepper, and butter. Again set aside and drain. Now to make the filling come together

the filling…

In a bowl combine ricotta cheese and some low-fat herbed cream cheese. Season well. I used chives, salt, pepper, and a little English mustard. Then add in some grated smoked mozzarella and the mushrooms and leek mixtures. Stir and taste. Season until you are happy with the taste. Set aside and melt some butter in a bowl.

to bring it all together and make the strudel…

Lay three sheets of filo pastry on top of each other and  cut into halves. Separate the sheets. Take one sheet and brush with the melted butter. Layer another sheet on top of that sheet and brush more butter over it. Layer a third and fourth sheet and repeat. Then spoon the mixture onto the filo sheet. Fill it in a sausage or rectangle shape near the edges of the filo but leave a little space (especially at the top and bottom). Then roll the sheet into a cylinder (of sorts) starting at the filled end. Tuck the edges in and bake in an oven until the filo is browned and crispy (but not burned).

In this case I just used a balsamic glaze as my sauce. Plate up and enjoy! x


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