Breakfast Panini

I have no idea why I decided to make this but it was delicious and a nice variation on a breakfast sandwich (perfect for the morning after the night before? perhaps!)

Breakfast Panini

Grill some turkey bacon and slice the panini bread. Rub the two halves of the panini bread with smashed garlic and then add to the same pan or grill as the turkey bacon. When the bread starts to brown a little on the edges remove it and rub some garlic onto the bread. Then sprinkle with olive oil and season with a tiny amount of salt (not too much as the turkey bacon will be salty enough).

Layer turkey bacon onto both sides of the bread and top with smoked mozzarella. On top of the mozzarella (on each bread) brush a little bit of english mustard for flavour. Smush the two pieces of bread together and enjoy! x

p.s. not sure how healthy this is so a small sandwich goes a long way!


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