Lasagna for one!

Hectic weekend this time around… barely enough time to myself let alone to cook. Breakfast on Friday was a cafe affair. There is a Canadian cafe near my apartment that does a really good egg white omelette so after a walk to Waitrose to pick up my ingredients for my lasagna, I sat there with my magazines, a coffee and my egg white omelette with mushrooms. yum!

But on to the lasagna (sorry no pictures… there was no time for pretty food!)

I LOVE lasagna but if I made a whole one, I would end up eating the whole thing, and that would be 3000+ calories I don’t need. So I thought of a quick way to make a lasagna just for me. It easy peasy too.

Roast cherry tomatoes in the oven with a sprinkling of olive oil and truffled sea salt (if you have, if you don’t regular sea salt will do). Add in a few cloves of garlic.

Boil up maybe 4 sheets of lasagna pasta. Whilst boiling, grill some aubergine slices and mushrooms.

Remove roasted tomatoes from oven and put into a blender (mind the stems). Add in the roasted garlic, a little shallot, and some herbs (if you feel like it) and then blend. Tomato sauce, done.

Take the cooked lasagna sheets and cut into large-ish circles. Place one circle on plate, with some tomato sauce, a grilled aubergine slice and some buffalo mozarella.Next lasagna circle do the same but with the grilled mushrooms. Continue layering until all out of lasagna circles… there won’t be many. With 4 sheets you’re going to have maybe 5 circles.

Top with more sauce and buffalo mozzarella. Sprinkle salt, pepper, a few other herbs, and microwave (if time poor) or grill to melt the mozzarella.

Super easy and portioned for one…. but maybe not as delicious as a real lasagna with white sauce and cheese and bolognaise…. etc. :-p


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