Garlic and chilli pasta

One of my favourite lunches. Really simple to make and yummy!! The combination of strong flavours makes this a great pasta for when you’re feeling in need of some relaxing but can’t stomach the thought of too many calories.

Garlic and chilli pasta

Boil bucatini in salted water. Bucatini really works here because it’s a thick noodle and the hole in the middle helps soak up the sauce. Normal spaghetti also works, but bucatini makes it feel more special.

Whilst the pasta boils slice garlic and a couple of chillies, set aside. Chop a handful of coriander and few basil leaves. Chop spring onions and kalamata olives.

Once pasta is boiled, drain and set aside. Melt some butter with a dash of olive oil in a pan, over a low heat. Add garlic and chillies, cook slowly to let flavours infuse. Then add in the spring onions and kalamata olives to the pan. Add the pasta, stir it all together and season with salt and pepper. Then add in the chopped coriander and basil, toss it all around. Squeeze a tiny amount of lemon on top of the pasta and add some dried chillies and fresh grated parmesan to the pasta. Eat with a little salad or some garlic bread. Once everything is ready, plate it up and kick back in front of the tv. A glass of red wine (or two!) won’t hurt either! :-p


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