Cheese toast… a single girl’s dinner!

Mmmmm… the “humble” cheese toast. Pretty much God’s gift to the hungry masses… its cheap, its easy, it’s SO DAMN GOOD!! I single-handedly blame bread and cheese for all my clothing related crises and yet, I will never give them up! I could eat cheese toast any time and I kind of do. It’s a great come home late meal, Hiatt-Baker Hall taught me it could be breakfast, and my Mom used to make it for me as an after school snack (but with more veggies and less cheese). Anyways, so onto my recipe.

Grilled Cheese on Toast

I like to use a strong flavoured cheese like Gouda or Gruyère for my cheese toast. I also like mine simple. Bread, (lots of) cheese, and a grill, but you can definitely add: onions, olives, chillies, mushrooms, etc. You can also spread mustard onto the bread before adding the cheese but for my single girl’s dinner (lol) I prefer the following:

Get a nice bread, in this case I have some sourdough, whilst it grills very lightly (just a slight crunch to touch and almost no colour) grate your cheese. I have some gouda and a little parmesan going on tonight. Take the bread out of grill and liberally top with cheese. Melt in microwave until all gooey and bubbling (but make sure the microwave hasn’t “crisped” the cheese). Then take plate out of microwave and stick back under grill (plate and all — be careful when removing from oven. It will be HOT) Let it bubble and brown under grill for a few minutes. Then remove, season with salt and pepper plus few dashes of tabasco and eat. Only one slice mind, as its kind of bad for you (but oh soooooo delicious). I would also normally eat with a small salad but can’t be bothered tonight.

So I now have my cheese toast sliced into two, its cool enough to eat and I’m sitting in front of the tv with a glass of red (leftover from socializing on the weekend). A perfect way to end the weekend and with minimal mess and washing up!!  🙂

p.s. the microwave trick only works if the bread is sliced thickly and firm. Using a thin or soft bread in the microwave will result in soggy cheese toast. Which is no good.


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