Raspberry Mojitos

For when the girls come over!

Raspberry Mojitos

Start by making a raspberry coulis: heat raspberries, sugar, lemon and water in a pan. Cook. Depending on whether you like your coulis more sweet or sour (I like sour) use more or less sugar and lemon. The amount of water will also depend on the consistency you want. I like my coulis thick but runny so will probably put just enough water to cover the raspberries and sugar. Once cooked (cook slowly on a low heat) when everything is mixed, no sugar lumps and bubbling. Remove from heat and blend. Adjust raspberries or water depending on consistency you want at this stage (if necessary). Pass the blended coulis mix through a sieve to remove all pips. Coulis should be smooth and thick and runny. Put cooled coulis mix into a squeezy bottle and chill in fridge.

On to the mojitos…

I like to make the sugar, lime, lemon, mint and rum mixture first (a few hours ahead) to let all the flavours mix. Start by making a sugar syrup (heated water and sugar) and add into a jug. Follow with loads of limes and few lemons. Don’t throw the “shells” away add them to the jug. Again use more or less sugar and lemons/limes depending on whether you prefer sweet or sour. I like sour but balance is necessary. Then add in some roughly chopped mint. Stir/Pound this all together… THEN add in the rum. A nice good quality rum, the amount will depend on taste and the evening’s plans… hee! I also add a little green apple juice for an extra sweet and sour kick.

Let this all sit. Just before your friends come over, add in the ice and soda water. Let it all sit and chill.

When its time to serve, take a champagne glass and squeeze a little of the raspberry coulis into the bottom of the glass. Top with mojito and chuck in a few chilled raspberries. Then enjoy and make sure to keep topping up!! x


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