The recipes that started this…

For a long time I have thought about blogging about food rather than just writing it down in my recipe book or more likely keeping the idea in my head. However, this weekend I decided I really want to preserve my food ideas and memories (and again, blog just seems easier). I’ve been keen for a few years now to move towards more conceptual and pretty food but have had no one to cook for and a limited kitchen to accomplish the cooking within. However, I have a better kitchen now and the only diner I need is me, so have recently started experimenting more since the beginning of 2010. This is the first time I’ve made the decision to blog though. Lol. Wonder how it will all turn out….

Anyways, this week I had some friends over and made : Aubergine and smoked mozzarella stacks to start and grilled seafood on a bed of leeks as a main. Its a pretty easy recipe and a lot of it can be prepped in advance.

Smoked mozzarella and aubergine stacks:

Slice an aubergine into equal circumferences, some an inch thick, some thin. Salt to remove bitterness and then rinse and season. Grill the thick slices, quickly fry till crisp the thin slices. Set aside. Slice the smoked mozzarella. Layer. Thick slice, season; smoked mozzarella, thin slice, season; thin slice, season and smear with garlic cream; smoked mozzarella, thin slice, season and smear with chilli cream; thin slice; smoked mozarella; thick slice, season; buffalo mozzarella to top, season. Form the tower and wrap half way up with foil. Oven bake.

To plate: Place aubergine and smoked mozzarella stack into center of shallow bowl/plate then on one side drizzle basil cream till bowl is covered and other other side drizzle tomato cream until bowl is covered. The result should look colourful and pretty. Then eat!! yum. I would have taken a picture but am pretty sure my friends would have thought I was nuts! hee.

The garlic cream, basil cream, chilli cream and tomato cream were all home-made and prepped in advance.

Grilled seafood on a bed of leeks:

Slice leek very finely. Take your time to ensure even size. Season with lemon and salt + pepper and set aside. Can do a day in advance.

Marinate scallops and (shelled and cleaned) prawns in chilli, olive oil, salt, pepper, rum, garlic cream, thyme, lemon, lemon zest, dash of Tabasco. Set aside to marinate at room temperature for an hour or two.

Saute leeks slowly in butter. Cook until tender but still with slight bite. Should taste buttery and oniony and all good. Grill prawns then scallops, cook until juuuusst right. As i had friends over, I oven baked/grilled them. Then finished quickly in a pan on top of stove. Roughly 6 mins on prawns and 4 mins on scallops, but depends on size. Will have to judge by sight.

Plate with leeks in center of plate and scallops and prawns artfully arranged between each other on top of leeks. Serve with simple dressed salad. Eat! Healthy (well aside from TON of butter in leeks) and delicious.


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