Hi world! lol.

This blog is all about my love for food and my recipes. Mainly because its easier (for now) to maintain recipes online than in my recipe book. I have the world’s worst handwriting (I make Doctors look good), despite my Mom’s best efforts, and in this tech-y age I’ve become too lazy to write! Eeeks.

Anyways, about me. Food fanatic since I was 12, which was uhmm a while ago. Live for and love food, it pretty much takes up most of my thoughts, along with shoes, clothes, kitchenware, football, work, learning, touch rugby, avoiding the gym, shoes (again), men, and food (again)!

My love of food knows no bounds (well, thats not really true… I’m actually a little picky BUT I will try (almost) everything once. Or at least I will try a reeeallyyy tiny piece of (almost) everything once.) nor no boundaries.  I like cuisine of all types and will cook food from everywhere. Even though I wouldn’t describe my style as fusion  it probably is a little fusion as I like to mix different flavours from different parts of the world together.

So anyways, this really is just meant to be a collection (for me) of my recipe and food ideas. Mainly, because I don’t follow recipes but go with the flow on volumes and ingredients. At least this way I can remember the ideas, but in case someone stumbles across my food thoughts… just know, I love food and if you like the recipe idea and something doesn’t make sense… let me know and I will clarify as best as I can!! 🙂


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